"And coming from you I know he can only be among the very best"
...Roberto Pelliccia, GM, Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa
"When colleagues as me who is the best head hunter you ever worked with, I have to say you. NO KIDDING. You keep me ALL THE TIME update me. Every action you took, denotes concern and PROFESSIONALISM. Each references you checked asked me who are you and make me feel I'm in a very good hands"
...Walter Rodriguez, Dir Human Resources, 5* resort So. America
"Thank you very much for keeping in touch and for your very professional way of presenting options."
...Lars Garrido GM Camino
"I must say you're very well recognized and highly respected. I am proud to be associated with your good self."
...Kirin Pancha Dir F&B Shangri-la
"Thanks. As I said before, ---a whole new respect for you do."
...Greg Claytor, Resort GM Turks & Caicos
"I want to applaud you for the earnest, consistent effort that you placed that really put me at ease with your client."
...Sherlene Andersen F&B Carlisle-Bay, Antigua
"I contacted you knowing that you are a known and respected executive recruiter within the Bermuda, Bahamas, and Caribbean Archipelago."
...Graham Asher, Regional Operations Director, Starwood Hotels
"Sounds like a challenging, exciting job prospect - no wonder you are so sought after."
...Helen P Bayne, Resort GM

"Where have you been all my career?"

...Miles Belfield, Executive Sous Chef, Mandarin Oriental Bermuda

"I felt confident that if I asked you any question you will find an answer , that is because you have an open attitude to life and nothing is impossible, whether it's how many Frangipani trees are on the Galapagos Islands to how many streets are there in NYC... you would endeavor to find out..this is a compliment in and of itself. I know you well enough that you would find a solution very quickly indeed. What I have realized is that you are a very fast thinker, and an internet guru! I think you have done fantastically well bearing in mind you run a one women show"

...Stephen Antram, former Dir of Corporate Operations, Sunswept Resorts, St Lucia